Protecting every stage

The demand for organic essential oils and pressed seed oils is rapidly growing and that is our challenge – meeting a rapidly growing demand with a reliable supply of quality product.

Earthoil is certified by the Soil Association to the following standards below. Additionally, in order to fulfil international customers’ demands, Earthoil is also certified to NOP organic standards by IMO.


Creating the process

Earthoil has a unique involvement with the organic process at every level of the supply chain – from growing and processing to storage and distribution. We work hard to ensure the organic product and process is protected, all steps are certified. For example:

  • Growing – Earthoil ensures that organic standards are followed by close liaison of the farmers with Earthoil’s Special Projects Director, agronomists and field officers on its growing projects. Earthoil’s staff train and inspect the farmers about organic practices and guarantees organic certification is achieved and renewed every year.
  • Processing – Earthoil has strict standards for all aspects of the processing of organic oils in order to guarantee maximum quality and organic integrity.
  • Storage – Earthoil has established its own warehousing procedures to preserve maximum quality and prevent any possible contamination.
  • Trading – Earthoil supplies clients with up-to-date organic certificates and trading schedules for its organic products.
  • Traceability – All steps are certified and traceable from farm to drum of oil shipped so that clients know as much as possible about the products they purchase.
  • Product testing –Earthoil has its own analytical service to ensure consistent product quality and service excellence.
  • Agricultural residues & pesticide testing - Earthoil screens its oils for contaminates in its own production and oils sourced from other producers thus preserving the organic integrity of the products it offers.