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Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils - conventional, organic and fair trade

We offer a comprehensive range of conventional, organic and fair trade cold pressed vegetable seed oils. Earthoil has first-hand experience with vegetable oils and presses a wide variety of seeds to produce vegetable oils (lipids) in our Kenyan facility.

Recent investment to increase capacity in Kenya means that Earthoil can offer a toll pressing facility for any customers with its own nuts or seeds – contact us for details. Here, a variety of vegetable, fruit and tree seeds, as well as nut kernels, are pressed in our state-of-the art oil mill to produce excellent quality oils which are then shipped to our distribution centre in the UK. 

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Product nameCAS(US)CAS(EU)PDS
Almond Oil8007-69-090320-37-9
Avocado Oil8024-32-68024-32-6
Baobab Oil225233-93-291745-12-9
Baobab Oil Refined225233-93-291745-12-9
Borage Oil68956-68-384012-16-8
Borage Oil Refined68956-68-384012-16-8
Grapefruit seed Refined8016-20-490045-43-5
Macadamia Oil128497-20-1129811-19-4Download PDS
Macadamia Oil Refined128497-20-1129811-19-4
Manketti Oil68956-68-3
Manketti Oil Refined68956-68-3
Marula Oil68956-68-3Download PDS
Moringa Oil93165-54-9Download PDS
Moringa Oil Refined93165-54-9
Orange seed Refined8008-57-98028-48-6
Organic Apricot Oil72869-69-368650-44-2Download PDS
Organic Almond Oil8007-69-090320-37-9
Organic Almond Oil Refined8007-69-090320-37-9
Organic Argan Oil223747-87-3
Organic Baobab Oil225233-93-291745-12-9
Organic Black Cumin Oil90064-32-7
Organic Borage Oil225234-12-884012-16-8
Organic Calophyllum (tamanu)241148-25-468956-68-3
Organic Calophyllum (tamanu) Crude241148-25-468956-68-3
Organic Camellia Oil68916-73-484650-60-2Download PDS
Organic Camellia Oil Refined68916-73-484650-60-2
Organic Castor Oil8001-79-48001-79-4Download PDS
Organic Cherry Seed Oil977038-54-289997-53-5Download PDS
Organic Cocoa butter8002-31-184649-99-0
Organic Coconut Oil Refined8001-31-88001-31-8
Organic Evening primrose90028-66-390028-66-3
Organic FFL Avocado Oil8024-32-68024-32-6
Organic FFL Sesame Oil8008-74-08008-74-0
Organic FFL Sesame Oil Refined8008-74-08008-74-0
Organic Flax Oil8001-26-18001-26-1
Organic Grape seed Oil8024-22-484929-27-1Download PDS
Organic Grape seed Oil Refined8024-22-484929-27-1
Organic Hazelnut Oil185630-72-284012-21-5
Organic Hemp Oil8016-24-889958-21-4
Organic Jojoba Oil61789-91-190045-98-0
Organic Macadamia Oil128497-20-1129811-19-4
Organic Macadamia Oil Deodourised128497-20-1129811-19-4
Organic Muyao Oil194043-92-091080-23-8
Organic Muyao Oil Refined194043-92-091080-23-8
Organic Neem Oil8002-65-184696-25-3
Organic Pomegranate Oil84961-57-984961-57-9
Organic Pumpkin Oil8016-49-789998-03-8
Organic Rosehip Oil Crude84603-93-084696-47-9
Organic Rosehip Oil Deodorised92347-25-692347-25-6
Organic Rosehip Oil Rubiginosa92347-25-692347-25-6
Organic Sesame Oil8008-74-08008-74-0
Organic Sesame Oil Refined8008-74-08008-74-0
Organic Shea butter Refined91080-23-8194043-92-0
Organic Wheatgerm Oil84012-44-268917-73-7
Papaya Oil84012-30-6
Papaya Oil Refined84012-30-6
Passion oil871125-60-997676-26-1
Passion Oil Refined871125-60-991770-48-8
Yangu oil68956-68-3
Yangu Oil Refined68956-68-3