Innovative 100% FTNF (From The Named Food) clear natural distillates

Treattaromes are the result of 15 years of research and commercialisation of proprietary technology that has yielded a range of water-based fragrance products that capture exactly the very essence of the named food.

Already established in the flavour industry, Treattaromes have found a home in personal care formulations ranging from facial misters to shampoos and from cleansing wipes to spa treatments.  They can be used in these applications at levels as low as 0.1% and impart the natural fragrance of the original starting material to your formulation.

Earthoil can currently offer five products in this range for personal care:

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Many other products have been commercialised for the flavour industry and could be available to the personal care sector subject to volume.

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COSMOS Approved Treattaromes
Treattaromes gain cosmos approval – Our Treattarome® range of aqueous aromas now offer formulators an innovative range of fresh aroma ingredients certified for use in natural and organic formulations.