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Aqueous aromas

For natural aromas in personal care products

In addition to our range of essential oils and vegetable oils, Earthoil is also able to offer three ranges of fragrant aqueous aromas that can fulfil a formulator’s requirement for natural aromas in personal care products of all types.

  • Earthoil Waters – organic essential oils solubilised in water at high concentrations using a proprietary production method.
  • Earthoil Hydrosols – Co-products formed during the steam distillation of essential oils by the recovery of the distillate after separation of the target essential oil.
  • Treattarome® – A range of aqueous distillates made from the named food using a proprietary short path process that captures the essence of the starting material

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Product Organic grades Fair Trade Typical inclusion rate Preserved
Earthoil Water Yes Yes, on demand Around 50% No
Earthoil Hydrosol Yes Yes Up to 100% No - pasteurised during production
Treattarome® Subject to availability No 0.1% No - pasteurised during production