In addition, Earthoil offers a range of vegetable oils of established provenance and performance.  Our products confer moisturising and emollient properties to our customers’ personal care products, including skin care and serums.  Each has a unique set of sensory properties covering after-feel, absorbency, viscosity and tack.

Earthoil’s broad ranges of products have numerous uses in personal care products. For example:

  • Essential oils - Organic Fair for Life Spearmint with its great CSR profile conveys a fresh sweet and minty aroma that would work well in wash-off shampoo formulations as the volatile oils work their wonders in warm shower water. Equally, the oil could be incorporated into skin creams and butters where it would leave a persistent clean and fresh aroma.
  • Treattaromes are ideal for cosmetic preparations such as shampoos and shower gels, wet wipes, aerosol misters as well as skin preparations, and are free from antioxidants and preservatives.
  • We can also offer more unusual products for the personal care market such as Camellia (tea seed) oil which is available as conventional or organic oil. It has a rich emollience and when used at a level of 1-3% in emulsion formulations it brings moisturising properties to skin creams and body butters for instance.
  • Our low allergen oils are perfect for formulators looking for ways to reduce the amount of allergens in their products in a cost-effective manner.

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