Quality and Accreditations

Pure and natural

Formulators can rely on Earthoil’s products because of our unique position, being fully involved from the soil to the oil. If you need provenance, Earthoil can give it to you!

Quality assured

Earthoil has Grade A certification for the BRC Global Standard which is benchmarked by GFSI, the Global Food Safety Initiative, and ensures standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria, providing protection to the consumer.


We are committed to continued compliance with the terms of REACH and have worked hard to understand the impact of REACH and to ensure that we remain compliant. However, consumer uses of flavours and fragrances for cosmetics and personal care are out of the scope of REACH's chemical safety assessment. Registration exemption is permitted in annexe V part 9 of the regulation which includes vegetable oils without hazard classification or classifications limited to flammability (R10), skin irritant (R38) or eye irritant (R36). This exemption applies to all of Earthoil's range of vegetable oils which are above the REACH tonnage threshold as of August 2012.