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History of Earthoil

Ethical roots

Earthoil’s history is rooted in ethical and sustainable initiatives. From the time of our first step into the world of essential and pressed seed oils, we have been dedicated to providing oils that tell a story.

Earthoil’s focus is now not solely on certified organic oils but as a supplier to the personal care market, providing natural ingredients for cosmetics.


Earthoil starts life

Earthoil started life in 1997 by growing organic essential oils in Zimbabwe, later opening a head office in the UK.


Earthoil Kenya was established

Due to the political situation, Earthoil was driven out of Zimbabwe and Earthoil Kenya was established, followed by Earthoil India.

Treatt PLC

Earthoil enters into a joint venture with Treatt

In order to strengthen its position as a leader in certified organic oils, Earthoil entered into a joint venture with Treatt in 2008. Treatt, a highly successful global ingredient solutions provider to the flavour, fragrance and cosmetic industries, was keen to partner with an organic oil company who managed their own growing projects and, importantly, traded with ethical principles and practices.

Treatt PLC

Earthoil becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Treatt

Earthoil is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Treatt and operates with the full support and infrastructure of the Treatt group of companies in servicing both its customers and suppliers worldwide. The amalgamation of Earthoil and Treatt enables a greater sharing of expertise, technical know-how and access to organic products.


Personal care division

Earthoil was confirmed as the personal care division of Treatt, providing natural ingredients for cosmetics


Earthoil expands low-allergen portfolio

Earthoil expands its range of modified essential oils which are low in allergens and substances of concern, as well as pure, organic, fair trade and natural essential oils, in the wake of tightening legislation and accelerated consumer demand.

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