Front line support

Earthoil takes the sustainability of its organic projects seriously - particularly its responsibility to people and the environment.

Earthoil does this by investing resources - time, research, experience and capital into each project to give it the best chance of success.

Earthoil's Special Projects Director checks on the progress of Earthoil's projects, ensuring organic certification issues are sorted and help the staff on the ground with any issues they might have. Earthoil employs an agronomist and field officers to ensure the farmers have access to their expertise on a regular basis. This means the projects have the best chances of crop success for the farmers while also benefiting the environment through better farming practices for the soil, water, wildlife and so on.

Likewise, Earthoil also makes a commitment to improving the lives of those people who are involved with the projects - the farmers and their families. Through a community fund and a commitment to independent fair trade certification for each project, Earthoil is dedicated to projects which benefit the lives of people in third world countries.


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