Investing in understanding

The market for organic essential oils and seed oils is constantly changing, creating a need for continuing research into new products and new sources, and the development of new and improved processing methods. Earthoil meets this challenge by maintaining close support of Leceister and Aston Universities. Through this relationship, Earthoil is able to ensure a continuing capability in both product and process development.

In addition, as process development has a significant engineering component, Earthoil has also developed a close association with a series of specialist consultants, and has available to it scientific and engineering skills of the highest international standard.

So, with a combination of its own in-house skills, and the continuing support of universities and consultants, Earthoil is confident that it can meet any challenge in the development of its processing capabilities, its new product ideas, and the monitoring and testing demanded by the market for certified organic oils.


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Research and Development

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