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Earthoil offers a broad range of high-quality organic essential oils from around the globe. Some, such as tea tree oil, come from our own production sources, while others - grapefruit oil, for instance, from South America, are drawn from our extensive network of organic growers. Whatever essential oil you seek, Earthoil will source it.
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Earthoil offers a comprehensive range of quality organic vegetable oils. Earthoil has first-hand experience with vegetable oils and presses a wide variety of seeds to produce vegetable oils (lipids) in our Kenyan facility. Here vegetable, fruit and tree seeds as well as nut kernels are pressed in Earthoilís state-of-the art oil mill to produce excellent quality oils which are then shipped to our distribution centre in the UK.
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Through its African presence, Earthoil supplies a number of more specialised or Ďexoticí oils - many of which are produced from indigenous African plants and trees. These oils, many of which have very unique properties, range from tree seed oils such as Moringa and Marula oil - to naturalised fruit oils such as papaya and passion seed.
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In addition to Earthoilís core product range of organic essential and vegetable oils, Earthoil also has a unique range of truly innovative products. These products are trademarked and have some very special benefits for both food and cosmetic use.
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