Win, win relationships...

Earthoil’s goal is to offer clients:

  • The unique advantage of working with a company involved in all areas of the certified organic oil supply chain. EXPERTISE
  • Quality organic essential and pressed seed oils which have been sourced directly from Earthoil’s own grower projects or from its extensive grower network. TRACEABILITY
  • The confidence in purchasing from a company with a reliable and continuous supply of quality organic product - a big challenge in the organic industry. SUPPLY

Earthoil likes to offer suppliers:

  • Assistance and expertise in all areas of organic farming – from growing right through to processing and freight. KNOWLEDGE
  • Fair partnerships – which benefit both parties. Whether sourcing from a commercial farmer or from within Earthoil’s grower projects Earthoil adhere to ethical and fair trading principles. ETHICAL
  • Earthoil researches market demand to ensure fair prices and all grower projects are established to ensure sustainability for the community involved. LONGEVITY


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