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Organic Spearmint Oil

Organic Oil of Mentha spicata



Product Name Organic Spearmint Oil - Organic Oil of Mentha spicata
Product Description Colourless to pale yellow liquid with a warm spicy-herbaceous & minty odour
Principal Constituents L-carvone (45%-70%) dihydrocarvone, phellandrene, limonene, methone, menthol, pulegone, cineol, linalool.
Extraction Steam distillation from the fresh or slightly dried herb.
Product Status NOP EEC *
Organic Status Soil Association certified
Region of Origin: Central Asia
Packing and
SA and ESD - 5kgs* to 180kgs, 180kg drum lots

SA = Spun Aluminium
ESD = Epoxy-coated Steel Drums

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