Creating the process

Earthoil has a unique involvement with organic at every level of the supply chain – from growing and processing to storage and distribution. Earthoil works hard to ensure the organic product and process is protected. For example:

  • Growing – Earthoil works with farmers to ensure best organic farming practices are employed.
  • Processing – Earthoil has strict standards for all aspects of the processing of organic oils.
  • Storage – Earthoil has established its warehousing procedures to meet Soil Association’s exacting requirements.
  • Trading – Earthoil supplies clients with up-to-date organic trading certificates and schedules
  • Traceability – Earthoils has procedures to document product from Earthoil operated farms and from other growers - so that clients know as much as possible about the products they purchase.
  • Product Testing –Earthoil has developed its testing methods in consultation with two universities – Leicester University and Aston University and these two universities provide a continuing analytical service to the Company.


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