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Earthoil, the personal care and cosmetics ingredients division of Treatt, is expanding its range of modified essential oils which are low in allergens and substances of concern, as well as pure, organic, fair trade and natural essential oils, in the wake of tightening legislation and accelerated consumer demand.

Used for centuries by Berber women in medicines and as a staple ingredient in their diet, argan oil has more recently been incorporated into a wide variety of cosmetic applications. Rich in unsaturated and essential fatty acids, argan oil contains in excess of 70 per cent oleic and linoleic acids, making it ideal for use as a skin moisturiser. In addition, with a higher vitamin E than olive oil, it is a beneficial ingredient in nail strengthening solutions, while its nourishing properties play a key role in boosting vitality and bringing a healthy shine in hair products. This ‘liquid gold’ is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree native to North Africa by all female co-operatives, offering social and economic opportunities.

Earthoil, a subsidiary of Treatt PLC, is working with pioneering organic skincare company, Neal’s Yard Remedies, to supply argan seed oil from the Souss Valley area of Morocco. With unique cosmetic properties, as well as organic status, the argan seed oil is sourced from the only Fairtrade producer in the world. Earthoil’s oil responds to increased demand for traceable raw materials, enabling the creation of credible, ethical personal care products.

Tea - 29/05/2014
Earthoil has been busy planting many thousands of tea trees on behalf of companies who brought their invitations along to In-Cosmetics this year.

Cananga odorata, better known as ylang ylang, is currently a popular consumer choice, with demand remaining high for this essential oil. With a subtle signature scent, ylang ylang oil has many uses, including perfumes, cosmetic products and aromatherapy.

Exceptional stability and long shelf life make it a popular component of many cosmetic and industrial products. The nutty, sweet aroma also means sesame oil has many exciting uses in international cuisine. Here, we look at the cultivation and trade of sesame oil plus the specialist method used in its production. The article also examines the current market for sesame, the effects of recent political unrest on its quality and supply and how an organic sesame project can help address the challenges that this discontent can bring.

The Future of Lavender - 16/10/2013
France produces more than 30% of the world’s lavender; visitors flock to the south of the country each summer to see the lavender fields.a However, the industry has been facing many challenges over the last 10 years, and there are growing fears about the plant’s future.

Leopold Kerama joined Earthoil on 25 February 2013 as Director of African Operations. Leopold was previously with British American Tobacco and Wrigley, and he brings with him a wealth of experience in engineering, project management, manufacturing, quality control and health & safety.

The Magic of Macadamia - 11/02/2013
Buoyed by increasing consumer interest in ingredient origin and a growing preference for all things natural, the market for natural and organic cosmetics is showing significant potential. With volume predicted to reach €2 billion in 2010,1 the sector’s year on year growth looks set to continue well into the future.

Earthoil Supports Secondary School Scholarships In Kenya - 02/07/2012
Five underprivileged children from central Kenya will now benefit from a secondary education thanks to scholarships awarded by Earthoil, KOOFA and a leading cosmetic ingredient manufacturer. Created through the establishment of a fair trade fund, the scholarships will support each child throughout their time at secondary school, enabling them to benefit from a complete high school education.

Earthoil Gains BRC - 26/06/2012
Earthoil, the cosmetics ingredients division of Treatt, specialising in pure, organic, fair trade and natural essential and vegetable seed oils, is delighted to announce that it has gained Grade A certification for the BRC standard. The BRC Global Standard is benchmarked by GFSI, the Global Food Safety Initiative, and ensures standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria, providing protection to the consumer. Earthoil offers an expansive product portfolio of natural raw materials to a wide range of industries – from cosmetic manufacturers to flavour and fragrance companies. The company works closely with certifiers, processors and growers to ensure its products meet the most exacting quality standards.

Tea Tree Water From Earthoil Quenches Thirst For 100 Per Cent Organic - 11/05/2012
Earthoil has introduced a tea tree condensate which gives an immediate organic boost to personal care and cosmetic products. Distilled from organic tea tree, Earthoil’s Organic and Fair Trade Tea Tree Water substitutes water in formulations, increasing the organic ingredient content and creating the potential for ‘100 per cent organic’ labelling.

Earthoil Offers Cherry Seed Oil For Finer Complexions - 11/04/2012
Earthoil plc, specialist in pure, organic, fair trade essential and cold pressed vegetable seed oils, has added cherry seed oil to its portfolio of products for cosmetics applications. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, organic cherry seed oil provides natural, effective hydration, making it a valuable addition in a variety of skin care products.

Making The Most Of The ‘Tree Of Life’ - 10/04/2012
Like many wonder ingredients of the natural world that find their place in personal care products, modern medicines, food and beverages, baobab oil has a unique, fascinating story of origin that is waiting to be told. Here, Earthoil uncovers the truth behind the baobab fruit’s legend and explains how its oil is now being sustainably sourced and finds its way into both organic and conventional natural hair and skin care products around the world.

Earthoil Sponsors India Community Medical Programme - 03/04/2012
A new medical programme sponsored by the Earthoil Organic Farms Foundation (EOFF) has successfully diagnosed and treated significant numbers of polio and cataract patients within its farming communities in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India. A supplier of organic, fair trade certified oils to the flavour and fragrance industries, Earthoil India Pvt Ltd is supporting regular free medical camps to aid local villagers in the company’s mint growing regions around Bareilly.

In-Cosmetics 2012 - 01/04/2012
Earthoil Plantations, stand H30, In-Cosmetics, 17 – 19 April 2012, Barcelona, Spain Earthoil Plantations, the cosmetics ingredients division of Treatt plc, will exhibit its latest range of ethically sourced cosmetic ingredients at In-Cosmetics. Amongst the items highlighted will be new fruit seed oils Organic Sour Cherry Seed Oil and Guava Seed Oil - both exciting new ingredients for the cosmetic formulator.

Earthoil Digs Deep - 23/08/2011
Earthoil Plantations Ltd, a subsidiary of Treatt plc, supplier of organic, fair trade certified essential and cold pressed seed oils, has facilitated the development of twenty four fresh water wells in its Indian mint growing regions. The ‘Deep wells project’, funded through the Earthoil Organic Farms Foundation (EOFF), improves local health by bringing high quality drinking water to thousands of villagers in India’s Uttar Pradesh region.

GO ORGANIC - 15/06/2011
As new research reveals that 83 per cent of Britons buy organic food , advocates claim that these findings dispel the myth that organic produce is exclusively for a small minority with steadfast organic principles. The organic market is now firmly positioned in the mainstream with brands like Yeo Valley and Green & Blacks enjoying a prominent share. Increased awareness of the benefits of organic food and farming has also encouraged major retailers to take note with organic ranges widely available in supermarkets. Indeed, Tesco has reported that a quarter of its customers buy organic produce once a month. These figures are supported by the findings of the Organic Trade Board research, which found that 64 per cent of respondents buy organic food from supermarkets.

India Mint Video - 30/06/2010
Watch a short video on Indian Mint

Earthoil Highlights Ethical Sourcing At In-Cosmetics - 31/03/2010
Earthoil Plantations, leading grower and supplier of organically-certified essential and pressed seed oils, will be highlighting its extensive range of fair trade ingredients at this year’s In-Cosmetics. Visitors to the Earthoil stand can learn more about the company’s specialist community grower projects, as well as its broad product portfolio for cosmetic and personal care applications. Click on the article title to read more...

Ingredients To Inspire At WPC 2010 - 16/03/2010
World-leading fragrance ingredient supplier, Treatt, together with its subsidiary, organic essential and pressed seed oil specialist, Earthoil Plantations, will present an impressive array of perfumery and cosmetic ingredients at this year’s Cannes World Perfumery Congress. With a wide selection of natural, organic and sustainably produced ingredients, highlights on show will include a range of organic essential oils plus other organic seed and vegetable oils for the cosmetics industry. Visitors to the congress will also be able to learn more about Earthoil’s grower projects. Through these projects, established to support local farming communities, Earthoil meets the increasing demand from perfumery and cosmetics houses for ethically-sourced raw materials, driven by the aspirations of environmentally-minded consumers. Click the article title to read more...

Fair Trade Sourcing: Organic Mint - 23/11/2009
This article which appeared in the December 2009 edition of the Perfumer and & Flavorist magazine talks about servicing the triple bottom line by benefiting farmers, consumers and manufacturers.

Earthoil to transfer Lichfield operations - 29/06/2009
Earthoil Plantations will begin a gradual transfer of its Lichfield operations next month to parent company Treatt PLC´s headquarters in Bury Sy Edmunds, Suffolk.

Earthoil India Awarded Fair For Life Status - 25/03/2009
Earthoil has been awarded IMO Fair for Life Status for its Indian mint growing project (www.fairforlife.net).

Organic and Fair Trade article by Rob Hardy - 04/03/2009
The following paper is written by Rob Hardy – Special Projects Diector – Organic and Fair Trade. In this paper Rob gives a brief overview of what Fairtrade involves and the direction Earthoil is taking as an organization in this area.

Earthoil Media Centre
White Papers

Their Status Symbols: 3 donkeys, 1 wooden house & tea tree farms - 17/09/2012
A press release from Her World magazine, which follows two women tea tree farmers trained by Earthoil.

Tea Of Life - 17/09/2012
A press release from the Malaysian Star that covers the impact of tea tree farming in Kenya.

Sale of Earthoil South Africa (Pty) Limited - 30/06/2010
Earthoil Plantations Limited is pleased to announce the finalisation of a management buyout of its South African operation, Earthoil South Africa Pty Ltd. Both parties agree this is the best way to optimise the performance, growth and impact of the Company in the South African essential oil environment and are looking forward to a successful and mutually beneficial relationship in the future. The Company will change its name to African Rose Oils Pty Ltd and Dr Robin Learmonth will continue to act as Managing Director on behalf of the new shareholders and board. African Rose Oils will continue with its normal trading, consultancy and farming operations in the essential and vegetable oils market sectors. Earthoil Plantations will continue a close relationship with the fully independent new company in a variety of ways, including an agency agreement to source products on their behalf from Southern Africa, guaranteed take off agreements for oils produced and a regular exchange of market information.

A Rosiness of Distinction - 04/05/2010
This article which appeared in the April 2010 edition of the Soap Perfumery & Cosmetics magazine outlines rose geranium’s history and usage, and examines how selecting organic and ethically traded rose geranium can enhance the commercial appeal of a product in fragrance and personal care. This article was originally published in SPC magazine and is reprinted herein with permission of the publisher. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited. For more in-depth information on SPC, www.spc-magazine.com

One Million Tea Trees - 04/03/2009
Press release from USAID (United States Agency for International Development) about the benefit Earthoil´s small-scale grower project is bringing to many farmers, through the planting of tea trees as a way to increase their income.

Sourcing on the Slopes of Mount Kenya - 04/03/2009
This article - which appeared in GCIMagazine.com in December 08 -talks about Earthoil´s small-scale organic grower group at the foothills of Mount Kenya. This project has just been awarded Fair For Life (since this article appeared online) and has recently expanded to inlclude over 500 growers. The article also covers Earthoil´s expansion of its production capabilties at its Nairobi factory to cater for the increased demand for organic pressed seed oils for the cosmetics industry.

Earthoil Media Centre

Tea Tree - click here to watch A Body Shop video on organically-grown tea tree from the foothills of Mount Kenya

Earthoil Plantations Corporate Presentation - Click to Watch

The Body Shop recently visited Kenya with Earthoil to see at first-hand the farming of organic tea tree and meet the farmers who belong to the Kenya Organic Oil Farmers Association (KOOFA). Click here to watch the Body Shop's video

The Tea Tree Farming Craze - Click here to watch this video by NTV Kenya

India Mint Project - Click to Watch

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