New product developments

In addition to Earthoil’s core product range of organic essential and vegetable oils, Earthoil also has a unique range of truly innovative products. These products are trademarked and have some very special benefits for both food and cosmetic use.

Earthoil Waters®
Stronger than hydrosols in concentration and aroma, Earthoil Waters® are a unique alternative. Rather than being a by-product of steam distillation of essential oils, Earthoil Waters® are a new product type - organic essential oils solublised in pure spring water. Earthoil Waters® offers the following advantages: - stronger oil concentrations than are possible with a hydrosol, the true and complete aroma of the essential oil captured, a totally water soluble product which can be based on any essential oil, organically certified to EEC and NOP standards.

Earthoil Technical Expertise

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