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Never before has ethical trade and environmental awareness been such a major trading agenda. Consumers are demanding more information about their products – where they are sourced, how the producers are treated, are they paid a fair price and what impact does the production of goods have on the environment?

Fair Trade allows producers to improve their livelihoods and those of the local communities by providing a different trading system that is based on an agreed set of principles:
• Fair and safe working conditions for producers and workers.
• Regular and transparent communication between the producers and the company through a producers’ representation organisation.
• Transparent price negotiations and fair price which allows producers to cover costs of production and provide some discretionary income.
• Long-term and trusting co-operation between trading partners.
• Payment of a Fair Trade Development premium in addition to the sales price for community projects and social development of the producers.
• Good environmental performance of the company and good community relations.

Earthoil is committed to this set of principles with its Fair Trade suppliers through Fair for Life certification with the Institute for Marketecology ( IMO), which has been granted since 2009. This is an ongoing process for Earthoil, with constant improvements being made.
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